Lets Talk Getting Ready to Move Let’s Move! Congratulations! You’ve bought your new home but now what? The possession date for your new home is getting closer so let’s make sure no important tasks fall to the wayside. I’ve created this post to give you a collection of resources to make moving to your new home as seamless as possible. Schedule […]
Home Maintenance Weather [in] Northwestern Ontario The place we call home Kenora and Lake of the Woods Northwestern Ontario has always had a unique climate. We get both sides of extreme temperatures and plenty of different weather events. Have you been affected? For homeowners in Northwestern Ontario who have been directly affected by the high water levels from 2022, the Ontario […]
Buying Cottage Search – Buying a Cottage on LOTW Buying a Cottage on Lake of the Woods What are the main things to look for when searching for the perfect Cabin, Cottage or Camp on Lake of the Woods? I wrote this blog to help outline a few key points that I always look at when showing my clients a potential cottage. Keeping your […]
Buying Neighbourhoods In Kenora – Where do you want to be? The Neighbourhoods of Kenora Are you thinking about a move into the Kenora area but you’re not quite sure what neck of the woods you want to be in? Location, Location, Location I’ll give you a brief description of each of the main areas that we usually categorize Kenora into. Followed by some bullet point […]
Lets Talk 7 Key things to keep in mind when Starting a Property Search 7 Key things to keep in mind when Starting a Property Search Whether you’re a first-time buyer, starting fresh in a new town, or buying a larger property for your growing family, looking for a home can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. When looking at a property you have to […]
Lets Talk 5 Reasons to work with a Realtor® Thinking of Buying? Why you should choose to work with a Realtor® Buying a home is stressful and is one of the largest purchases of your life. In today’s market, purchasing property is even more difficult than even a few years ago. Competition is intense, there are many buyers and very few people selling. Due […]
Home Maintenance A Realtor®’s Spring Maintenance tips Let’s get ready for Spring in Sunset Country, Often in Northwestern Ontario, the weather gets warm and no one tells the snow, it sticks around unwelcome. The large accumulation of snow that fell this year is going to drag out the melt. While the snow will go in time, we’re more than likely in for […]
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