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Why you should choose to work with a Realtor®

Buying a home is stressful and is one of the largest purchases of your life. In today’s market, purchasing property is even more difficult than even a few years ago. Competition is intense, there are many buyers and very few people selling. Due to the demand, the market price of homes is at a record high and is unlikely to come down any time soon.

A Realtor® has the knowledge, confidence, know-how, access and qualifications to help you get a jump on your competition.

- Kristie Cavanagh, Broker - Century 21 Northern Choice Realty Ltd.
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The Real Estate Market is intensely competitive

2021 Housing Market Snapshot - statistics provided by CREA
2021 Housing Market Snapshot - statistics provided by CREA

A Realtor® will help you navigate the market.

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1 . Market Knowledge

They literally went to school for this.

Realtors® know the housing market better than anyone else, they have the connections and the know-how. They are constantly updating their knowledge and educating themselves on the ever-changing world of Real Estate. A Real Estate professional's time is spent researching and showing people just like you, what they want, they know more about the homes in their target area than any average citizen. Let a Realtor® do what they’re trained to do, and help you get the best possible deal on your home.

2 . They will Negotiate for you

Realtors® know how to negotiate and get you the best possible real estate deal. They know the things you should be wary of and will get to the bottom of any issue you or they may have noticed. It is a Realtor®'s job to know the market and what a home is worth, they’ll know if something is over or underpriced and can help you make the best offer possible.

3 . They help you Prioritize and Balance your needs

A Real Estate Professional will help you prioritize options and help you focus on what’s important; they will keep you informed to help balance your expectations. By using a Realtor® you gain a neutral third-party outlook, from outside your frame of mind. By working and communicating with a Real Estate agent you give your search an added lens to view properties so that you don't miss any opportunities.

4 . The Realtor® Code

By working with a Realtor® you work with a professional, one who abides by standardized regulations. A trained Real Estate professional in Canada must adhere to the Realtor®'s Code of conduct. If you are looking for property in Kenora or Ontario specifically, a Realtor® here has to be licensed with OREA, the Real Estate Council of Ontario. The Council's guiding principles are "based on moral integrity, competent service to clients and customers, and dedication to the interest and welfare of the public".

5 . Access to exclusive information

Canadian Realtors® have access to Board MLS® Systems, a database system that links all qualified Brokerages. Real Estate professionals are seamlessly linked to the market, all in one place.

Your Realtor® will make sure you see listings that match your needs, as soon as they get listed, benefiting you and saving you time; Conversely, they can put your home in front of more people and on more screens than ever before. It is their job to get your property sold and by putting it in front of more people they increase your chances of multiple offers. 

The Real Estate market is a fast-paced, stressful environment, make sure you enter it with the best advantage. A Realtor® will help you find what you’re looking for or help you get found, and allow you to put your best foot forward into the property market.

Kristie Cavanagh
CENTURY 21 Northern Choice Realty Ltd. Brokerage

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